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2024年5月14日 1:00:00

【プレスリリース/ 世界初!糖尿病重症化を早期発見するフットチェックアプリ『Steplife』の提供開始】


2024年3月8日 3:00:00



2024年3月5日 3:00:00

【Published in PRTIMES STORY】

Steplife is a foot check app that supports diabetic patients. The background and future of development by a clinical engineer representative. Second Heart Inc., whose goal is to prevent foot amputations in diabetic patients, has developed an innovative foot check app called Steplife. This app is designed to greatly support the daily lives of people with diabetes, and is based on the deep insight and experience of our representative, who is also an active clinical engineer.

2024年2月6日 3:00:00

【SECOND HEART Inc. has established Osaka Lab.】

We have recently opened an Osaka laboratory at Garage Taisho ( in Osaka. We will continue to develop VR educational content for diabetic patients to raise awareness of diabetes from here in Osaka to Japan and the world, leading to prevention, early detection, and appropriate treatment.

2024年2月2日 3:00:00

【Press Release/Funding has been raised from 4 local angel investors.】

With this latest funding from four local angel investors, Steplife will become a powerful support tool for many diabetes patients. Representative Director Ishida said, ``With this funding, we will accelerate our development and increase awareness so that we can strengthen the well-being of diabetes patients and contribute to improving their quality of life.We are grateful for the trust and support of our investors. We are deeply grateful to the company and will do our best to fulfill our mission of providing value to society through Steplife."


The era of100-year life.

Acquire the ability to survive on your

own two feet at any stage of

life, we will create a future where people can

continue to participate in society.



To protect the feet of diabetics and reduce amputation  tozero.

While diabetes is on the rise in modern society,
awareness of risks of amputation and prevention methods are not sufficiently widespread.Raising awareness about diabetes can lead to prevention, early detection, and appropriate treatment.

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Utilizing a foot check app in collaboration with medical institutions, the app promotes self-management and enables continuous care.

Strengthening cooperation with medical institutions, the condition of the patient is constantly monitored, then appropriate care and advice are provided. 

​Advocating foot care 2.0.

 Foot care 

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